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What Is Hearing Loss?

With one in eight people experiencing some type of hearing deficiency in one or both ears, hearing loss can range from mild to severe and can affect nearly anyone from birth and beyond. But hearing loss is most prevalent in people over the age of 60 and particularly affects people who have diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or thyroid issues. The auditory condition can be caused by some sort of damage to the ear, earwax buildup, an infection, abnormal growth in the ear, a ruptured eardrum, or something else. If you have noticed an onset of hearing loss, contact Crystal Canyon ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery in Flagstaff, AZ to meet with our seasoned team to determine the cause of your hearing loss and create a treatment plan.

How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

Since there are many different reasons why a person may be experiencing diminished hearing, our highly trained practitioners may treat hearing loss according to its cause. Unfortunately, hearing loss caused by nerve damage due to the natural effects of aging, an injury, or loud sound exposure is usually not reversible. However, hearing loss caused by wax buildup and ear infections can typically be reversed or improved with treatment. At Crystal Canyon ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery, our treatments can vary and can include:

  • Earwax removal
  • Medication for ear infections
  • Hearing aids

To diagnose and treat hearing loss, we offer routine services, such as ear cleaning, wax removal, and hearing checkups. We may perform the following thorough evaluations for further diagnosis:

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR): Typically for children or others who cannot complete a typical hearing screening, this test demonstrates if the pathways between the brain and the cochlea or inner ear are working.
Electronystagmography (ENG): By recording involuntary movements of the eye, this diagnostic test determines the cause of vertigo, dizziness, or balance dysfunction.
Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE): By measuring otoacoustic emissions, the OAE test discovers how well your inner ear, or cochlea, works.
Audiograms: After a pure-tone hearing test, audiograms graphically show how soft or loud a sound can be heard by the test subject at different pitches or frequencies.

Went for hearing loss,1 ear. CCENT  made an appintment for next day, took me on time, measured hearing in a sound-proof room, cleaned my ears, found an infection in the ear & nose, wrote a prescription & protocol, all in 30min, no rush, just no wasted time. Hearing’s now better than ever. Thanks!

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Keep Enjoying the Sounds of Life

New technologies and advances may offer numerous solutions today to improve hearing loss. At Crystal Canyon ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery, we use various hearing tests to properly diagnose your condition so we can develop a treatment plan that will allow you to get back to enjoying the sounds of life. To discover more, contact our office in Flagstaff, AZ to schedule an appointment.

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